Comic & Internet Cafe IWAKIYA in Asakusa


Usage guidance

If you want to use a computer,Please make a membership card.You need to show us your ID to make a membership card.

How many hours will you stay here? You can choose a package of time from price list.If you over the time which you chose a package of time,you have to pay an additional charge 100yen per 15min.You can’t change your package of time after you enter.We will not let you know what time is up.

What kind of room do you want.If you want to use big room, you have to pay double.

You can go out while you are staying here. But in that case, you have to come back within your time of package.

Please bring black board to a counter which we gave you when you leave and when you want to take a shower and go out.A shower fee is 100yen 30min.We only have hair dryer in the shower room.You can buy something you need for shower at the counter.

Drinks are unlimited, you can drink any number of times.

Please don’t leave your valuables.

We can’t take responsibility about any computer problem even if you lost your data.

We can’t give you refund even if you can’t print out correctly.

Please keep a quiet the inside of a shop.

You can’t smoke up stirs, when you want to smoke, there is a verand at up stairs, so you only can smoke there. The verand is opened from 9:00 to 21:00. when the verand is closed, Please come to a counter ,and please bring your black board.

In prevention of crime reason, you can’t use any equipment even bath room after you leave.

If you borrowed something from a counter, please bring it back to a counter with your black board when you leave.